Research and development

NTCC has revolutionised public health, hygiene and sanitation – but our job is far from done.


NTCC is working with Australian drone suppliers in developing systems and strategies to provide cheaper and more efficient means of contagion control.


As NTCC solution provides a constant barrier against bacteria, fungi and other contagions we are currently investigating its use in every day infection management due to client testimonials.

Agriculture and Farming:

NTCC aims to make Australian farming the most advanced in the world. There are many opportunities are technology may bring in reducing disease, monitoring disease and much more. We strongly encourage our farmers to reach out to us and share your issues so we can focus our research and better serve you in the future.

Every day Hygiene:

NTCC’s technology can be implemented into fabrics, for example bed sheets in hotels that are constantly sanitised. Please register your interest in this product if you believe your business could manage it.

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