Portable Hand Sanitation Station (6 x 500ml)



Mobile Sanitation Stations

COVID-19 is still there. And, that’s why mobile sanitation stations are the need of the hour no matter if it is your residence or your office.


Perfect Portable Hand Sanitation Stations for Your Home

A high-capacity unit, mounted on the wall is the best option for anyone who is looking forward to installing a sanitisation station at their residential or commercial place. These are the perfect portable hand sanitation stations for your home. The high capacity of the dispenser will be effective enough while managing high traffic with ease without occupying any floor space.

Delivered by NTCC, these sanitisation stations are made from recycled non-porous plastic. They make the perfect home sanitation station for everyone.


  • Made from recycled non-porous
  • Best for high-traffic areas
  • 100% recyclable
  • Affordable
  • Best for residential and commercial use


Application/Use of :

Communal hand sanitation that can be placed on building accesses and egress points (example: airports, hospitals, workspaces and etc.) The sanitiser’s effect lasts for 24 hours.


  • Creates a protective surface on your hands for 24 hours or 10 hand washes
  • Most cost effective sanitiser available
  • Child safe and non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly