How It Works

NTCC’s Medical Doctors ensure all Products and Defence Systems meet the highest standard, reviewing all claims, laboratory testing and building NTCC’s service delivery.

By combining military planning with medical best practice, NTCC’s delivery is unmatched.

Medical and Evidence Based approach

A Revolution in Infection Control & Prevention

NTCC products create a safe and long-lasting transparent Nano-shield over all surfaces, enabling it to continue fighting harmful germs long after you complete a treatment.


Nano technology

  • Bonds create a protective shield that actively kills contagions
  • Shields the surface from contamination
  • Positively charged to attract pathogens
  • Keeps surfaces protected for longer

NTCC’s Products

  • TGA Hospital Grade Approval
  • Only next generation cleaner clinically proven against COVID19
  • Back bone of Council's biosecurity

Unnoticed, always active

The active ingredient in NTCC’s products form a colourless, odourless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds to the surface.

How does the Nano-Technology work?>

The strong positive charge disrupts the cell membrane of all microorganisms that encounter the active surface, proteins and DNA are also denatured. Viruses are disrupted through the denaturing of their proteins and RNA. All microbes are effected.

Equally effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae – a broad-spectrum control.


NTCC on site, live updated ATP Swab testing and monitoring software allow you to check your assets hygiene levels anywhere, anytime. Providing total transparency on the effectiveness of NTCC’s solutions.

NTCC’s 3M Hygiene Management System provides swab testing at every depot, every shift

NTCC supervisors will conduct on site ATP swab testing daily as part of each depots cleaning schedule.

Live and transparent performance data

The software package allows instant feedback on efficacy and enables immediate remediation if required. This allows total transparency and trust between NTCC and Brisbane City Council.

NTCC can monitor contagion trends over any time frame

This allows us to adapt our program to any environmental change, such as seasonal variations or social events. NTCC can then anticipate future risks and respond appropriately using the data.

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